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Park Italian Queens


Queens & Shipping available in the United States & Canada.

Email or call us to place your order.

All queens are shipped UPS Next Day Air. We do not ship USPS or Fedex.

Queens are shipped UPS Next Day Air, UNINSURED and is the SOLE RESPONSIBILITY of the purchaser. Replacement is determined by Wooten’s Queens & Bees, Inc.

We have excellent success with UPS shipments and the risk is minimal of one arriving late, less then 1% of our shipments incur a problem.

Shipping cost is based on weight which is determined by quantity of queens.

All queen orders are shipped in the California Mini Queen Cage with battery boxes, orders of 9 or less queens will be shipped with attendant bees in cage.

Shipping cost is set by UPS and not by Wooten’s Queens & Bees, Inc., and is subject to change.

If you provide email at time of order, we will see to it you get an email upon shipment with your tracking number.

Queens shipped April – August each year

Orders booked early in the year have priority on shipment.

Customers must be present when bees arrive.

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